A final project for Game Design class, in which the assignment was to develop a concept for a new game and design a pitch presentation including characters, scenes, UX/UI and a marketing poster. 
Mallrat is a Point and Click adventure game, which takes place in a shopping mall. The player plays with the character of Dewey the security guard, who's job is to infiltrate a gang of outlaw teens who live illegally in the mall, and bring them down.
A final project for Concept Art for Gaming class, Top Dog is a fighting game of my invention, taking place in the world of Hip-Hop culture. as part of the fight, players can collect Power Ups inspires by Rap Battle terminology, and use them to inflict extra damage to the opponent. The design includes Three screens (Character Selection and Two fighting rings) and some extra UI assets.
Character designs for an indie card game, inspired by the the Land of Israel timeline of conquests. Four colors represent Four empires: Romans (Red), Ottomans (Green), Persians (Yellow) and Brits (Blue). each empire has Five different characters: Infantry soldier, Cavalry soldier, General, Ruler and Religious Leader.
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