Welcome to my online portfolio!

My name is Nir Waldman, and my head is quite larger than average. it makes finding hats a really exhausting task, but it's worth it - because as the phrase goes, with quite a large head comes quite a large thinking cap!
I'm a graduate of Shenkar college (B.Des in Visual communications) and Haifa University (B.A. in Land of Israel studies and Multi Disciplinary studies), and Illustration is my greatest of passions.

I am a Storyteller at heart (and in practice) and am deeply passionate about concept development and the creative process that's in the very core of Visual Communications.

I'm a great fan of comic books, games and cartoons, alongside History, cultures, Archeology and religion. amongst my influences are Asterix comic series, Disney, everything 90's, fast and loud music and many more.
 I strongly believe that pineapple does NOT belong on pizza.

Above all, I'm a proud husband and a devoted Girl Dad, which is my true blessing in this life.
hope to get to know you as well! enjoy your visit :)

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